June 21, 2017

The Detroit Nine

Ch ... ch ... changes  

Sometimes I think I have to use a formula to put together an appropriate blog post. I think I have to have a headline, sub headers, photos, and all kinds of facts so my work has value. Then, other times, I think, "Why don't I just put some thoughts out there today and see what people think." Many times, I think I should just write about the Tigers, but then I think that might just simply be boring. I could write about education; however, then I feel like I do need a formula so the post can be followed.

Today, I'm going to write about both: 

"The Tigers are getting their education this season." 

I don't think this season holds any value for the Detroit Nine. They are losing regularly, and it likely won't improve. It's too bad that the AL Central seems so down in 2017. It's going to give all teams "hope" that they have a chance to make the playoffs. This Detroit team is poorly put together and the inconsistency is clear. The management of the team hasn't proven that the braintrust should be held together for too awfully long.

In retrospect, perhaps Mr. Dombrowski should have blown it up instead of rebooted back in the summer of '15. This conglomerate is tough to watch. I would even offer the word "boring" as an adjective for the 2017 Boys of Summer in Detroit.

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