August 17, 2018

Reading Intrigue

Brad Meltzer 

I'm currently reading The Escape Artist by Brad Meltzer. It's a good book and I'm currently at the height of the action. Each chapter leaves you waiting to read what the next chapter will hold. It's a book about the government, espionage, secrets … it leaves you wondering. I'll tell you more about it when I finish up. I purchased the book from Thriftbooks and it's a used former library book. Meltzer is pretty solid. This is how I discovered him.

I had seen Melzer's books in the past; however, I had never read one. I decided to try out The Tenth Justice after listening to the James Altucher podcast, referenced above. That book was solid, as well, and I decided to try out some more Meltzer books.

I still have several Elmore Leonard books to read, as well … and John Grisham has a new one coming out in a couple months …

August 13, 2018

Two for the Price of One

Great Up the Middle

In a couple weeks, the Detroit Tigers will be retiring Alan Trammell's #3. It probably should have happened YEARS ago; however, the Tigers unofficial policy is that the team does not retire a number unless the player is going into the Hall of Fame.
In the midst of a lousy season, albeit one we knew would be that way, the Tigers had two members of the 1984 World Championship team inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Alan Trammell and Jack Morris. So, the Detroiters are holding ceremonies to retire their respective numbers. 

Trammell played his whole career, minus a season, with the same second basemen, Lou Whitaker. You know this, even if you're not a baseball or Tiger fan. Nearly 20 years together, Lou and Tram were a beautiful combination. Whitaker's career numbers rival some of the best second sackers ever, but for some reason, he has never gotten any HOF love. At all.

While there was hope the duo would enter the HOF together, it didn't happen in 2018. Yet, the Tigers can still turn this into something great. On August 26, when the Tigers retire the #3 of Alan Trammell, they could do something for the greatest keystone combination ever: also retire the #1 worn by Lou Whitaker.

First, the Tigers do not need to announce they are going to do this. Anyone going to the game specifically because it's Tram's day will be elated. Second, they will be getting something right for a change. The Tigers should retire the numbers of the players who were great while they played for the Motor City team. Whitaker and Trammell go together like peanut butter and jelly! The Tigers could get something right and get two for the price of one on August 26.

Come on, Tigers, make this happen!

August 06, 2018

An Amazing Event

In My Hometown

In Elk Rapids, an annual event that many people return "home" to is Harbor Days. A few years ago, Short's Brewing Company, who brews in Elk Rapids, started an event called Short's Fest. It is a lot of fun, a place to catch up with old friends, and just a chance to showcase good old ER. We were lucky enough to run into Joe Short, the proprietor, and ask if he would take a quick pic with us. Hey, when you're running the "fest," why not ...

August 04, 2018

Harbor Days

It's Harbor Days in Elk Rapids! 

July 28, 2018


& Meijer

I don't know the relationship between Tesla and Meijer, but I have noticed that Tesla charging stations have begun to crop up at several Meijer locations. I first noticed it at the Gaylord, Michigan, location. I can honestly say that in all the times I have seen the Tesla charging stations, I have NEVER seen a car charging.

I have found this link on a Meijer site: LINK

With all the rumors of Tesla missing their numbers regularly, you have to wonder if this electronic investment will backfire? There definitely is some value to the idea of the Tesla, but what if they fail to deliver ...

July 24, 2018

The Beltline Bar's


I probably never have written about a stop at the Beltline Bar in Grand Rapids. It's Lori's favorite place to eat, and a trip to GR is incomplete without a Famous Burrito. We stopped there the other day, and for some reason I decided to snap a quick picture of the delicious homemade chips with the Famous in the background. Really, it is delicious food. You should check it out one of these days.

July 22, 2018

The Kohl's Adventure Continues

Kohls Revisited

Did you know there is something called a "bath sheet" ? We didn't either. It created an adventure at Kohl's. Apparently, a bath sheet is 6'X4'.