June 19, 2017

Summer Means Fun

It's the first day without students or staff at school. It's so quiet here when no one is around. Summer cleaning hasn't started yet, nor has summer maintenance. The only person who ventured by today was the septic guy, so I guess summer cleaning has actually started ...

What does summer mean?

Summer means that I can stay up late tonight and watch the Detroit Tigers out west playing the Seattle Mariners. Game time in Michigan is 10:10, and when the Tigers visited the West Coast earlier in the year, I had a hard time staying up to watch the games, even on the weekend.

Summer means that kids get a chance to refresh their brains. Hopefully, they do something during the summer to keep their brain working like reading or getting a job. Reading text messages or Facebook posts doesn't quite count.

Summer means warmer temperatures and the chance to get up and go for a long walk with the dogs without having to put on all that winter and/or spring gear. During the summer, I can throw on shorts and a shirt and head out for an hour walk with Coke-o, Hemingway, and my wife, Lori. Walking in the summer is so much easier than in the winter. Plus, there are more hours in the day (well, daylight hours, anyway), so we can all get more done.

Summer means sitting around the bonfire and enjoying the company of whomever shows up to sit around the bonfire. Summer bonfires are the best.

Summer means the Fourth of July and celebrating our country's freedom. The Fourth of July is such an important date and we all need to be especially thankful for our country during these trying times in America.

Summer means a chance to visit family and friends who you don't always get to see during the busy school year. Summer means sort of slowing down and having a chance to smell the coffee. Summer means it's a time to enjoy.

Summer means that somebody is going to record a song that becomes the song of the Summer of 2017. It probably hasn't arrived yet, but we'll all know it when we hear it. Summer means a blockbuster movie that somehow requires everyone to see it. Summer means that new Netflix blockbuster that catches everyone's attention. But, this one you can watch in your living room.

Summer means … time flies! What does summer mean to you? Have a great summer!!!

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