June 21, 2017

Paesano's Pizza

Lori and I went to Traverse City for date night today. She has a counseling class at the University Center, so we planned to enjoy a delicious dinner. In TC, there are so many choices for fine eats. Tonight, we were both feeling the same thing about dinner. And, every time we go to Paesano's Pizza, I Snapchat the rest of the family with a short video doing my best "Pure Michigan" impersonation: 

When you visit Paesano's Pizza in Traverse City, Michigan, you cannot help but enjoy your delicious pizza. Just remember, you have to eat the first piece of pizza with a fork. That's just the way it is. 

Paesano's is one of our favorite pizza places, but definitely the favorite in northern Michigan. 

I stopped in at my favorite bookstore in TC, Goodwill. I was able to find several good books, including the history of ClifBar, a Jack Reacher novel, an Elmore Leonard work, a book about gluten–free eating, and about five other books. Not living in the TC–area anymore, I don't get to that Goodwill much, so there's always a chance for updated inventory. 

Happy eats! 

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