June 17, 2017

Hemingway's Summer of Jumps

Hemingway, our Chessie, has discovered the art of dock jumping. I thought it might be something he would like, but our first month on the dock, he seemed much more interested in running from shore and just jumping into the water. Hemingway is an avid jumper and adventure dog. He loves to jump far into the Sturgeon River in Wolverine when I take him up there. He's an adventure dog, and sometimes he gets himself into tight situations on the river.

On Townline Lake, in Lakeview, he loves to swim far out into the lake. We joke that he might swim all the way to the island, but it might not be a joke … The other night, he suddenly discovered that he can get a running start on our dock and get himself a great jump. We throw his practice duck into the lake and watch him jump. And it works out well with the duck because he feels like he has a job and brings it back to shore. Without a "job" to do, he will just keep on swimming.

I'll post some photos and videos soon. It looks like Hemingway might have a fun, fun summer.

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