March 13, 2016

The Tim Hortons Experience Leads to an Increase by a Reduction

Increase by a Reduction

A 24% Price Increase at Canada's best bakery 

You know that I've disparaged the Tim Hortons experience in the past. I absolutely love the coffee but the service at THs is usually so bad it makes it not worth buying a large cup and a Boston Cream donut. But I still do. 

Every Monday morning I stop at TH and get myself a coffee.  Why every Monday? Because that's the day I drive by the Gaylord store. It's also a Cold Stone Creamery. 

I won't beleaguer the coffee shop and bakery's service but I will discuss the price increases the last few years. Sure, the price of beans has risen in the last few years but now TH is going about their price increase in a different way. 

They have reduced the size of their large can of coffee that you can buy at the store for an amzaing $16.99. Tim Hortons has dropped the can from 39 ounces to 32 ounces, about a 24% decrease in content. We sure would have been caught off guard a price increase to $21.06, though. That would be a 24% bump in price. 

Would you rather pay more for the same product in the amount that you are used to or would you like to pay the same price for less? 

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