March 24, 2016

The Continued Deception of the American Consumer

Yeah, that's more like it

When is a 30% discount not really a 30% discount? 

You've heard me complain about Kohl's before but we could always forgive their lousiness because so often they would send us a 30% discount coupon in the mail. Not for complaining but as a way to keep customer's coming back. A little more than a year ago, though, they started to change up the policy: they did not discount the Fitbit devices when they first started to become popular. 

IN FACT Kohl's basically only provides extra discounts on their own store items. But, of course, you can get Kohl's Cash on ALL items in your order. You can read about all of the items that are no longer discounted at Kohl's right here

As so many companies continue to try to make A LOT of money, they are decreasing value for customers WHILE increasing their own take. You really have to be careful when shopping because so many companies are deceptive. 

It's the continued deception of the American consumer. Good job, Kohl's — way to be a leader in the industry. 

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