February 24, 2016

When no one makes a decision. Or a difference.

No one wanted to make a decision.

Or a difference. 

The challenge of bridging the gap is a touch one.

In some places the mantra seems to be, "We are so much better than we used to be. You wouldn't believe how far we've come." 

In some other places are focused on the past: "We used to be so much better." 


The goal for any leader is to make your organization BETTER than it was when you arrived. In leadership, we are always thinking about the future and building toward a vision. Leaders have to envision and articulate a better future. Your goal is to get buy in from your team. With buy in, it's easier to move forward toward that vision. 

It's a wide gap between "We are so much better than we used to be" and "We used to be so much better." What happened in those organizations' pasts to result in vastly differing views of its history? 

No Culture

Maybe you start at the beginning when no one cared to build the culture, build the team, develop the organization. With that beginning you never will have been much of anything; in fact, you will never develop a culture of any kind. However, what about the opposite? 

Things seem okay, stable. You're moving somewhat forward and maybe there's a vision, maybe not. But things are comfortable. Then, one day, something happens and the head person in charge, the HPIC, suddenly no longer cares. That lack of caring permeates the organization and within a couple of years, the culture is every man for himself. The culture deteriorates. 

No one made a decision. Or a difference. 

Someone has to step forward and decide that decisions have to be made and that will make all the difference. Leadership is an art, a science, and a calling. I challenge my colleagues all the time to step us as leaders and help make a difference. Because that's how we will change the future. 

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