January 17, 2015


Reading & Writing 

I still have the Dr. Seuss books from when I was three years old. I remember when my books would arrive in the mail and I would devour them. Sometimes I tell myself that I have to stop buying books; in fact, I have so many books in crates it's not funny. I have them somewhat sorted, mostly by genre. Reading is one of my favorite activities. Every time I put myself on hiatus from buying a book, I find one I've been looking for or an incredible deal that I can't pass up. Reading and writing go hand in hand.

The Hardy Boys

I wrote the following on this blog in 2006. As I set out to write a blog about the pros and cons of being a bibliophile, I looked back through the history of my writing on Rick's Writing Again.
Well, let's back up even further. I loved to read. I remember going to the big mall in Flint, Mich., with my mom and grandma. I would stare at the books in bookstores, wishing I could read them all. I especially thought the Hardy Boys series looked good. It would be a few years later, but I eventually read most of the hard cover series. Another bonus of going to the mall in Flint was that we could occasionally eat at Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers -- there weren't many in the state in the '70s.


Another favorite read of mine in my younger days was "the Baseball Bible," The Sporting News.
Way before the Internet and instant information, I used to read The Sporting News back to front as soon as it arrived. It contained an incredible amount of stats, standings, and box scores. You could find anything you wanted to know about the great game of baseball. I subscribed for many years, starting in 1982. We saw the ad during the World Series and my mom ordered it for me. It was a great investment because it kept me busy reading. I had tried Baseball Digest and Sports Illustrated before, but this truly was the Baseball Bible.

Detroit News

Not to mention,
I've always enjoyed reading. In third grade, I stopped at the store in Kingsley, Mich., every day to purchase a Detroit News. And, after school, I would read the Record–Eagle to see if the news was updated or different. And I couldn't wait until Fridays when The Sporting News would arrive. Ah, a good book and a hot summer afternoon.

Love of Books

I love books. I love getting them as gifts; I love finding bargains at Goodwill; I love when my wishlist books on Amazon.com suddenly drop 25% … In Detroit, I absolutely love going to the John K. King Used & Rare Books — it's amazing the finds. I love finding a great deal on a book as much as I like reading it! I like to read just about anything as long as I can learn from it. I read about things I don't like and I don't agree with.

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