September 21, 2013

Devil Without a Cause (Revisited 15 Years Later)

His name is …

Rumors persist that Kid Rock will re–record his breakthrough album, Devil Without a Cause, for a 15th anniversary edition. I've read that he wants to change a few things, has learned new recording techniques, and those kinds of things. A revised version would probably sell, mostly to his Michigan fans.

I'd take it one step further, though, if I were Mr. Ritchie and his people. Let's say the album comes out next summer (a year late, but better late than never .... right?) but it features a unique marketing angle. I'm sure Kid has many fans in his fan club — and they would all love access to material digitally before it arrives as a CD or however he chooses to release the album.

As the recording process gets into gear, I would release one demo each week for one day. It could be released as an MP3 or video or however Kid decided to do it. Now, sure, people would share them, give them away, etc. But that's all right. That spreads the music.

Now, here's the catch. We all know there are demos, early tracks, etc. from the original Devil sessions in '97 and '98. This whole revised release could morph into a mini–box set with rarities, outtakes, and maybe some old live tracks. As the process ramps up and the word is out that Kid is going to release this monster set and he's releasing demos of the new stuff he could also release some demos of the "old" stuff. He could release outtakes, live studio stuff, etc. It would be like a third disc (or fourth, or whatever) of material. Like a bonus that came out BEFORE the actual album.

Not that Mr. Ritchie needs to take any advice from me on how to make money. But I sure do think it would be an interesting way to release his new/old album. It's only rock 'n' roll … but I'll like it.

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