September 22, 2013

Rally … Rally … Awesome Rally!

Clearly, last night's ninth inning rally and eventual win in extra innings was epic. It all started with a Torii Hunter triple. After a couple of hits, I said to Lori, "Hey, I could get excited about this." She didn't really pay attention. She was ready for the game to be over.

The pitcher got wild, so I said to Coke–o, our Chesapeake Bay Retriever, "We'll take a walk here, won't we. Nothin' wrong with a walk. The pitcher can keep throwing balls." I must have repeated a scenario like this a few times.

"Lori, okay, I'm starting to get excited. This is getting fun."

"Hey, Coke, I think it's going to be 6–5 here really soon. But we'll keep taking walks, right."

It was cool. Coke kept getting excited. She was getting into the game and the rally.

I looked at Lori. "Hey, why does she think we should go for a walk right now?" Keep in mind, it's dark out, 10ish o'clock, and we never walk Coke–o at night. Suddenly, as the Tigers tied the game, I realized two of our key words we use for the dog are "walk" and "ball."

So, she really wanted to go for a walk because I kept offering — and if we weren't going to go for a walk, then I could certainly throw her ball for her. I guess I have to watch what I say when I'm watching the Tigers!

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