March 01, 2013


"Hot Blooded, Check It And See …"

Believe it or not, I was a first grader with KISS, Foreigner, and Billy Joel albums in my collection. I've always loved rock 'n' roll. I got my first KISS album by mistake, but have liked the band since then. I have many vinyl albums, numerous 45 RPM singles, and even some 10" records.

I even received the latest Kid Rock album, Rebel Soul, in the mail. It's two albums on vinyl. Heck, it even came with a bonus copy of the CD.

I was recently at the Grand Traverse Mall and priced vinyl albums. With some of the albums in my collection, it might be time to consider selling them. That would be hard to do, though, because vinyl albums to me are like art: the albums covers, liner notes, and even the record labels are so unique.

Rock on, readers …

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