February 28, 2013


Putting Words on Paper

I had slacked off on writing. I still read plenty, but wasn't writing much.

In around 2002 or 2003, I discovered Seth Godin's blog. I started reading it every day.

I kept thinking that it would be cool to start a blog. I wasn't sure if I had anything to say.

I knew that I could write about the Tigers (back then … not so much fun!), education, and concerts. "Maybe not in that order," or something like that was my original slogan.

Anyway, in 2005 when the Tigers fired Alan Trammell, I talked with my Grandpa about what I would do if I were the Tigers: hire Jim Leyland. He never got his chance in the late '70s because the team went with Less Moss, then hired Sparky Anderson. That took care of managing for about 17 years …

Well, hiring Jimmy to come back home made sense. I suppose my original blog post was told to my Grandpa but a few weeks later the Tigers hired Leyland and I had wished that I had written it down. I still didn't start a blog. I didn't put the first word on a blogger post until April 2006 — a few days into what I thought just might be a special season.

I've continued to slack, but I like to write so much, I'm going to try for at least a paragraph "nearly every day!"


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