October 24, 2012

Reprinted from October 2006 — All Roads Lead to the Tigers

It was a different time. The beginning of the new era of the Detroit Tigers. It was on the side of the road that it all happened. 

The following is from the Detroit Free Press, dated October 16, 2006. It's Losey's latest in a series of playoff articles. He tells a pretty cool story about some Tiger fans he met "on the road" in June. Enjoy!

As is the case with many of my articles, I actually have to go to Wal-Mart or Barnes & Noble to find the magazine. I usually know when the issue hits the street; I just never know when or where I'll find it. The same was true for the Sporting News. I was excited to see the Tigers' piece and had just made an unsuccessful hour-long trip without finding it.
Steven D. Lott; Steven D. Losey; Rick Heitmeyer; Ken Kreiner. 
Photo by John Huckins. 

Earlier in the year I had bought my dream car on eBay, a '79 Corvette. For the first time in my life I also bought a custom license plate that read DETTGRS and had mentioned both in the Sporting News article.
As I was driving back from Battle Creek I was traveling down I-69 just outside of Tekonsha. I was on my phone, listening to my stereo and enjoying life with the T-tops out. I peered into the passing lane and noticed some guys in a van coming up alongside the 'Vette. They were frantically waving their arms and attempting to get my attention.

The plate that started it all. 

For a second I thought I was on fire or had a flat. Just then I noticed the front passenger holding the Sporting News up to the window. It was my article and he had it!

I pulled over to the side of the road and four guys piled out of the van. It was Ken Kreiner and Steve Lott from Vestaburg, and John Huckins and Rick Heitmeyer from Mt. Pleasant (yeah, I know ...). They were on their way to see the Toledo Mud Hens (West Michigan White Caps).

Apparently Rick had just read the piece and when they saw my plate and my car they couldn't believe it. We shook hands, took some photos and I autographed the article. It was a really cool moment for me.
Since then we've all become friends and have hung out at Comerica Park, and it all happened because we love the Tigers!

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