October 21, 2012

World Series Bound!

They're going back to the World Series.

 Prior to the game, Chris Brown and I checked out the Comerica Park haunts. Things were looking good. Even the Tiger was fired up! Later on, the Tiger would finish off a couple of brooms and enjoy a SWEEP! 
 Shot from Cheli's Chili across the street, the scoreboard reminds us that it's ALCS time in the D. 
 Even the son who left home in anger, Jack Morris, seems to have made peace between himself and the Tigers. He was around and visible. He threw out the first pitch the night Verlander pitched — which I thought was awesome and appropriate. 
 Let's think about changing the scoreboard to WORLD SERIES!!!
 Coke, thinking of warming up and closing the game out on Thursday afternoon. 
 Mason and Mark Grossbauer took in the game on Thursday. Good game to choose! 
 World Series Bound!!! 
 Prior to the game, the Fillmore had a great idea on their scoreboard. 
That is a great idea, Mr. Tiger! 

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