August 01, 2012

Raburn Et. Al.

I don't understand why the Tigers use Ryan Raburn as a defensive replacement for Brennan Boesch. It doesn't make sense. Or when they use Don Kelly in the same situation. I understand using all of your players on your roster, but that's a unique way to use people.

It reminds me of the strange logic behind benching key players during the stretch run a few years ago (e.g. Placido Polanco — ah, never mind, we didn't need him anyway because we had Scott Sizemore ready to take over …)

The Tigers bullpen has holes; the bench is weak; two regulars have under 35 RBI and it's August 1. Certainly, Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, and Austin Jackson have had nice seasons; however, beyond that …

It's the final two months of the season and the Tigers — locks to win the Central Division in January — are trailing the White Sox by a couple of games. Can they still win the division? Maybe.

Let's go, Tigers. Eat 'em up!!!

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