July 31, 2012

Can we win with Elmon Young batting fifth

I have my doubts that a team employing Elmon Young as its fifth place hitter can even win the American League Central. Heck, I'm not even sure that a team hitting him fifth even DESERVES to be considered for that chance. Elmon has been such a disappointment, that he could be considered this year's Jacque Jones — you know, former Twin who joins the Tigers ... (Yes, he did have a nice run late last year, but he's doing nothing to suggest he deserves a contract for next year; let alone wants one!)

Ryan Raburn has been serviceable in the past, but his year has been unbelievable bad. Even Alex Avila has been close to useless. This team has holes and they're being exposed. As Buster Olney wrote a month ago, the Tigers are going to have to out slug their opponents.

I still have hope, but this flawed team must be upgraded.

Where is the "D" in Mr. Young's name? Well, he has no "D" at all, so he will be called "Elmon."


1 comment:

brad said...

Need to Drop the E as well. Elmon Young is killing the tigers...