July 06, 2012

Silver Lake | 2012

We took a real vacation. Almost a whole week. And it was hot. Really hot. How hot? 100° hot. 

We actually had a great time. The first few days, Courtney and Mike and Katie and Max joined Mom, Dad, and Lori and me. The kids didn't stay too long, but our good friend Lisa P. from Stanton joined for a couple of days. It was really hot. One day, we played about four or five hours of dominoes under the awning just to keep cool. 

We also deflated the tires in my truck down to, oh 15 to 20 psi, and drove it out to the beach behind the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Luckily, we bought an umbrella because that sun was a bugger. Don't get me wrong, I would rather have it HOT than cold.

We even had time to get some ice cream. Delicious. Of course, I had a banana split.

Did I mention the sun. It was playing tricks in the sky.

We found an old fashioned gas/service station one night when we were, um, "confused on where we were going."

The lighthouse is cool, especially as the sun goes down.

I think Dad and Mom had a great time. They drove their Bounder down and enjoyed the whole week with us.

I don't know these people, but this picture just says, "Summer!" to me.

Sunset photo. 

Some dude smoking. We had just complained about all the cigarette butts on the beach and he walked by, lit up. Come on people, the beach is NOT a giant ashtray. 

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