June 28, 2012

Reading (more)

One of my goals for the summer (as it always is) is to READ MORE. I'm going to make it a reality this year, though. 

Three new books on the list are Theodore Roosevelt CEO, Creating Innovators, and Readicide. The re–reads or refreshers include Fish!, Focus, and The Little Big Things. This doesn't even include the non–education books that I have in a pile in our camper to read.

I've always been interested about Teddy Roosevelt, so I finally found a book that sounds good. The author of Creating Innovators, Tony Wagner, wrote a book called the Global Achievement Gap that was quite inspiring. This book promises to be a good follow–up. Readicide is by Kelly Gallagher, an English teacher, and I used to teach English so I'm still interested in reading, writing, and speaking. Fish! was a classic that I think I would like to review. Focus is a solid book, but I'm working with an organization, MASFPS, that is bringing the author, Mike Schmoker, to Traverse City in October. Finally, The Little Big Things by Tom Peters just seems to make more sense as we seep deeper into this recession. It's worth reading once again. You can read most of it here.

I love to read, always have. Now, I must find a way to read more. It's mental relief for me.

And, yes, I have doubts about the Tigers ability to make the playoffs. That's a disappointment and a blog post for another day.

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