July 20, 2012

25 years

25 years ago, I think the shirt dad's wearing below was the Harbor Days logo … And they've never had that cool of a logo again!

Twenty–five years ago I would have been going into my sophomore year of high school. I find that incredibly hard to believe. That would mean that I didn't yet have a drivers license, had never been to a concert, and the Tigers were only three years from winning a World Series. Not to mention that the Tigers would actually make a run in the late summer of '87 … Am I the only one who remembers Bill Madlock's slide into Tony Fernandez that ended Fernandez's year?

I was a few years away from going to Mt. Pleasant and Central Michigan University, but who can forget when they see this business for the first time? Maybe that's the place Jerry was thinking of when he came up with a certain episode of Seinfeld.

Back in '87, our high school did not look like this. It has undergone some upgrades in the last couple of decades.

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