September 18, 2010

But on the other hand ... some places want to keep your business

It used to be really cool to go to Fazoli's, especially in Mt. Pleasant, when the "bread stick guy" would come around to the tables and offer you fresh bread sticks. 

Fazoli's photo by alachia

But, alas, budget constraints forced Fazoli's to eliminate the position, but keep the employee in another category. He was bummed, but he still had a smile for all the customers. We're "up north" now and went to Fazoli's in Traverse City the other night. We enjoyed dinner, relaxed, then hurried home. 

On Friday afternoon, we were getting ready to leave to meet Mom & Dad for dinner at Seasons in the Turtle Creek Casino. Suddenly, Lori said, "I can't find my purse and I haven't seen it all day." Panic set in. What could have happened? 

"I'm sure I had it after we left Walmart, but not after Fazoli's," she said. I looked in the Explorer and all around the room, even under the bed. 

Lori called Fazoli's. Yadda, yadda, yadda, "… and I think I left my purse there," she said.

"Is this Lori?" asked the voice on the other end. 

Unbelievably, someone had found the purse, locked it in the safe and had it waiting. 

Why didn't they call, you ask. Well, Lori's checks still had her old cellphone number, which she no longer has. Furthermore, there were no other numbers in the purse except for all of her pin numbers …

She later discovered that the manager tried to contact her on Facebook, but she hadn't been on Facebook all day. 

What a crazy deal. Thanks to the employees and management of Fazoli's for their honesty. 

Now, it's really cool to go to Fazoli's … in Traverse City! 

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