July 14, 2010


Why do I write? It's just been a process for many years. I suppose that is why I call my blog "Rick's Writing Again."

I've liked to write since Foreigner was at the top of the charts with "Hot Blooded." 

I always liked to write. I started a short story when I was 10 or so. It was about living in "the olden days." I must have watched too many western shows back then. I'm surprised it wasn't about hanging out with Batman or Ultraman ...

I've written a few short stories. Some compilations. I thought I was a song writer at one point, but I don't have any music. Some of my stuff was good. Some lousy. I used to write in a journal all the time. If I didn't listen to Guns 'N' Roses when I was angry, I wrote.

I've written a thesis paper for an Education Specialist. Several research papers, as well. Yes, I know that's an incomplete sentence, but I can do that because I know the rules -- therefore, I can break them. (Right Ms. Oomen and Mrs. Ketchum!)

Rick's still writing (again).

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