July 12, 2010


It's all because of The Hardy Boys.

Yeah, I have to blame it on Frank and Joe. Or maybe on Dr. Seuss. It could simply be my Grandma Morgan's fault. I'm not sure, but I have always loved to read; I read for pleasure, work, research ... Knowledge ...

I've told you before that I used to enjoy standing in a book store, hoping to someday read. I remember going to Flint with Mom and Grandma Morgan and walking around, but really liking to be in the bookstore. I mean, Barnes & Noble are heroes to me.

I have so many books. I bet you I have the first book ever bought for me, the first book I ever bought, and many thousands of books in between. I broke down and sold some at our moving sale last week, but because I have about 15 boxes of books, we're going to continue to liquidate. I've read most of the books I own.

As a youngster, I read everything the Hardy Boys were in. I own many of the books, many of the casefiles, etc. It all started with the teen sleuths, but I have books about my favorite actors, singers, eras, etc. It's time to let some go. Why? Because, I haven't re-read them in a long time. You don't even want to know how many baseball books I own (not to mention baseball cards, magazines, programs, yearbooks, etc.)

I even own the two DVD sets of the Hardy Boys Adventures. And, I'm hoping they release season three ... Arghhh!!!

If it's true that we're formed when we're young, I never should have bought baseball cards in 1978. Sure, I was only six or seven, but it caused a habit. Not only do I have baseball cards dating way back, I have issues of The Sporting News from 1983. I have issues of Rolling Stone as far back as 1989. Do you know anyone or anyplace that would be interested in such magazines? I don't want to trash them or recycle them. But, it's time to get rid of them ...

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