July 15, 2010

The Great Baseball Game

It used to be really cool, but the All Star game has really lost its luster. 

At one point, DY was the Tigers' only player who could qualify for the All Star game. 

I remember how fun it used to be to watch them play ball — all of our heroes. I think rosters used to be 28, now they're at 34 or so. But one player can be designated as someone who can return to the game.

Plus, it "matters" now, but it seems to matter less.

This one counts ??? Is that why the game continues to draw record low ratings? It would be like letting marginal players into the Hall of Fame. The All Star game used to be about the most deserving players (with some fading future HOFs, as well) and now it's about (almost) everyone. Do 10% of the current players truly represent the "elite" in the game RIGHT NOW?

If the game REALLY counts, let's treat it like a real game: 25 man rosters, a serious attempt at winning, and no more "feel good, everyone must play (junk)." Either that, or schedule the game for November 10 in Hawaii …

Kenny Rogers started the 2005 All Star game in Detroit. A year later, he joined the team. 

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some Tiger baseball. 

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