May 13, 2010

Yearbooks for $ale

It doesn't seem that long ago. 

The Flying "V." Created by former teacher and basketball coach, John McPherson, and marketed by the athletic department. It's still part of the school district.

Maybe, in the scope of life, it wasn't.

I was young, around 22 or so. I had interviewed at about five or six districts. I kept finishing "close."

One superintendent said that I had a lot of potential, but they chose to hire somebody with a "couple years experience." I heard a similar story. I was close at North Branch. Close at Glen Lake. Thought I had that one.

I was getting frustrated. I was back at Vestaburg for the second time. I had hit it off with the principal, Glen Stevenson, and thought that might be the job. It was for English, Title I, and yearbook. Mr. Stevenson had asked me to come back on the spur of the moment because I called on my way back from a wild and crazy interview in a conservative community near the border.

He had me interview with the superintendent, Mr. Milks.

I remember that Mr. Milks asked me what I would do to increase interest in the yearbook. He told me sales were way down, as was the quality.

I said, "We'll make a good quality yearbook, market it well, and improve sales."

He asked some other challenging questions, and I thought I had done okay.

Sales increased. The yearbook improved, and over the course of five years, the staff I put together did a wonderful job. We created yearbooks, newspapers, sports programs — just about anything the school district asked us to.

The yearbook staff at Buckley held a "thank you" to the community for supporting our yearbook. One vendor was willing to make a large "anonymous" donation which enabled us to give all 7–12 students free yearbooks. This afternoon, all the students took the time to sign autographs and thank the community supporters. It brought back some memories of "the good ole days" — 15 years ago.

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