May 12, 2010

Echos of Tiger Stadium

Oh, boy, I've been on a baseball mission lately. 

Joe Falls

If you didn't get a chance to see, the Tigers behind Porcello, Perry, and Papa Grand√©, shut out the vaunted Yankee attack 2–0 today.

Years ago, my Grandpa Morgan gave me his CD set Echos of Tiger Stadium. It came out in '99, the last season of the old ballpark. It was edited by Joe Falls, sports editor for the Detroit News and author of several books from my childhood. Falls gave a copy to Grandpa, and while Grandpa enjoyed it, he thought I would like it as well. 

Probably 10 years have passed since I first listened to the CD set. A lot has happened in those 10 years, including several retirements, firings, deaths, etc. of the people featured on the CD. In fact, what sent me back to the CD set was Ernie Harwell's recent death.

Several former writers, players, managers, and others are featured on the CD. It's like listening in on a BS session with former people you grew up thinking you knew like Kirk Gibson, Jack Morris, and many others ... 

It's hard to find now, but worth checking out. 

Falls died in 2004, Grandpa Morgan died in 2005, and Ernie died just last week.

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