May 17, 2010

The Tigers and Creating Tradition

Let's go, Tigers. Let's go. 

Bring on the ChiSox.

The Chicago White Sox are on tap. The Sox have had the Tigers number, it seems, the last few years. Here's hoping that the Tigers can get on top quickly and maybe take this short series. The Chicago team is down and it's a good time to pounce.

I wore a baseball tie today and the player on it has an old fashioned Chicago Cubs (I think) player on it. As usual, I received a few comments about another "cool tie." Another one was, "That's not a Detroit tie. What's up with that?" 

I remember in about 1979 when the Pirates were really good and the Cubs were really (REALLY) bad. They were the lovable losers. And still are. The Pirates, now, are just losers. It's too bad, because Pittsburgh is a great baseball city with lots of history. But, they have lost for a long, long time.

It was Wrigley Spearmint Gum or Coca Cola that advertised the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates.

I said to my parents, "Is Chick-ú-go" in the National or American League?" I didn't know. But, they didn't know what I meant. Must've been the phonics? Apparently, it's called Chi-ca–go (oh, just how it's spelled!)

Can about find that advertisement on Youtube?

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