May 11, 2010

You never even called him by his name ....

Brennan Boesch is a kid from Santa Monica, California. You might not have heard the name. 

Photo courtesy of the Detroit Tigers Baseball Club.

I hadn't heard the name, either. 

My dad, a season ticket holder in Lakeland, Florida, for the Tigers spring training, called a couple of times. 

"This Brennan Boesch, he's for real. He's going to make the team." Dad told me this on more than one occassion. 

"He's not going to make the team because I've never heard of him," I replied. One more than one occasion. I've known all about the Tigers prospects since the days of Howard Bailey, Mike Laga, Torey LoVullo, and Chris Pittaro. I would know if Brennan Boesch was going to make the show. 

Well, I was right — Boesch went to north to Toledo when camp broke. Ha! 

And about a few weeks into the campaign, Boesch got the call. The Tigers brass had to. He was tearing up the AAA pitchers to a huge average. Plus, he was knocking in runs like they were going out of style. (Do runs ever go out of style?) 

So, the Tigers new super scout, my dad, was just as right as I was. Boesch is a great prospect and he did make the team ... just not out of camp. But, I think it's pretty cool that my dad, who doesn't even remember Bailey, Laga, LoVullo, or Pittaro, would pick Boesch out of the line–up! 

Go, Tigers! And, good job, Dad!

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