January 19, 2010

Truly, A New Adventure

My friend and technology czar Jim Wenzloff has a blog he calls A New Adventure. I've hesitated calling a post "A New Adventure," so I added, "Truly" to a post. But, Lori, Amber, Courtney, and I are embarking on new adventures.

You won't get anywhere setting on a bench looking at snowy trees. Make something happen.

I'm writing this post from my new office in Buckley. I'm using — get this! — a Dell desktop to write this post. For some reason, my Mac will not login to blogger, so I can't post from the computer.

Today, K–12 principal Todd Kulawiak and I were interviewed by TV 7&4 for a couple of upcoming pieces. Buckley recently was named a Bronze Medal winner by U.S. News & World Report as one of the nation's best high schools. Buckley is able to achieve positive student results despite the high level of poverty in the community. Buckley has interventions and programs in place K–12 to help students succeed. The Extended Learning Opportunity program run each day during seminar/lunch and after school is not punitive. It's organized to allow students to finish work and learn. The school has some good things happening. We're student centered.

Todd called me yesterday and asked me to change my schedule for the week. Originally, I was coming up after school, but with the news station coming, he thought it would be good if I could take part in the interview. My plan was to be at Buckley all day Wednesday, but I spent most of Tuesday here. So, tomorrow will be business as usual — as usual as business can be these days!

Lori, Amber, Courtney and I are working on lots of details, trying to figure out how this will all go together. We're all excited, a little overwhelmed, but looking forward to the new adventure. Lori and Courtney will finish the year at their schools, Alma and Central Montcalm. Amber will continue at MCC for the rest of the year and figure out what to do in the summer/fall.

Wow! A lot to think about!!!

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