January 21, 2010

Johnny Damon could be on his way to the Motor City!

I expect Johnny Damon to be manning left field and batting lead off for the Detroit Tigers next season.

We've seen this happen with Scott Boros players in the past: Pudge in '04 and Magglio in '05.

Damon will end up signing a fair contract for both teams and providing veteran leadership and solid hitting that the Tigers need. He reminds me of the "professional hitter" type that you hear Manager Jim Leyland talk about.

Damon is 36, but should have a couple of good seasons left in him. I don't expect him to fade quickly, but don't want to see the Tigers offer up $40 million over 4 years, but a couple years for $14-16 million would be all right.

Can you believe that pitchers and catchers will be reporting in just a few weeks ...

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