January 25, 2010

American Saturday Night in Grand Rapids

Saturday night, Lori and I went to see Brad Paisley's American Saturday Night tour at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids. Truth be known, we really wanted to see Miranda Lambert — who did not disappoint.

When she played "White Liar," she said she thought it was on the verge of being her first number one. And, the following morning, it was. She's a good entertainer, but Paisley really puts on a great show. His band is tight; it's a well–rehearsed show.

Plus, Paisley himself has created a lot of animation and video that plays during the show. He uses his MacBook Pro to create.

I have several cool pictures — second row to the right of the state — to share. Some are on Flickr (just click on the pic above) but I'm going to put a few different ones on the blog. Steve and Steph Losey met us at the show; first show I've attended with Losey where we weren't "working."

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