December 27, 2009

Rodney, Lyon Leave for Bigger Things

It's been said loud and clear: "There's always next year."

It's amazing to me that Rodney and Lyon both received $5 million to move on to new locales for the 2010 season. Rodney has never impressed me ... He always seems to make things scary. We used to call Todd Jones, our old closer, the Roller Coaster. Last season, despite Rodney saving 37 games, Rod Allen said, "If Todd Jones was the Roller Coaster, then Fernando Rodney is the Demon Drop." A truer statement has never been made. Rodney never made ending a game easy.

Lyon had a nice season, after May 1, as a set–up man. He's a solid reliever, but I don't believe he's worth the money that the Astros paid him. It reminds me of when Jamie "Cat" Walker left the Tigers to join the Baltimore Orioles for around $3 million a season.

They're both on to "bigger things." Good luck to both of them. Funny, Rodney finally became the Tigers' closer in 2009 and after one "good" (term used loosely) season, he dumped the Tigers to go set–up in another place — and the Angels are good.