December 29, 2009

Great day to take pictures

Sun and snow ... bright, bright white snow. Today, we took some pictures outside, but the best pics were these two of Amber and Courtney.

Amber decided to let me take a shot. I said, "I want to get your eyes. Just stand there." I used my new Nikkor lens that I received as a Christmas present. It's a low–light lens, with a 1.8 aperature. The picture of Amber was taken inside, with no flash. It's hard to believe that Amber is already 18 years old and a freshman in college.

I used the outside light floating in through the living room window for this quick picture of Courtney. She took a moment from taking down Christmas stuff and quickly smiled for the camera. Court just turned 17 and is a junior in high school.

Time flies!

I've been taking many pictures of this tree lately. I'm trying to find the right angle ...

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