December 26, 2009

Make Something Happen

How does a school district embrace 21st Century learning. Some schools are further ahead with technology than other districts ...

Do it for the kids. They're the future.

What's that, you say? Technology itself doesn't make for 21st Century learning? True. Technology is a tool to help facilitate 21st Century learning.

Things to think about this week–end:

• Technology is only a tool to help facilitate what MUST happen in the classroom in the future. What we have done for the last several years NO LONGER works for our kids.

• If we want our kids (students, children) to be intrinsically motivated, it no longer makes sense to make them "power down" when they arrive at school to learn. We have to embrace their lives or we will lose them. We cannot afford to lose them.

• 21st Century learning is not a "fad." It's a signal that we must transition if we are going to prepare today's kids for tomorrow's world. Researchers and speculators suggest that today's kids will have several careers, many career changes, and WE DON'T EVEN KNOW their jobs let alone the fields.

• You can "choose your attitude" all you want, but if all the pieces of the puzzle aren't fitting together, then choosing an attitude may only be a band–aid.

Make something happen.

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