December 12, 2009

Demon Droppin'

Demon Droppin'
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Well, Brandon Lyon has already signed with the Houston Astros for three years and $15 million. Rumors persist that Fernando Rodney will soon sign elsewhere, perhaps with the Phillies on a long–term deal.

We call Fernando Rodney the Demon Drop because our former closer was Todd Jones, the Rollercoaster. Rodney's closing style made Jones' style seem tame by comparison.

Personally, I won't miss Rodney if he signs elsewhere. He's basically had one good season and several so–so seasons. Maybe Joel Zumaya or Ryan Perry can close games next season. We'll see what happens when Spring Training arrives.

Don't give up on '10 too soon. The Tigers might have enough competitive juices to make something good out of a potentially rough season.

Eat 'em up!

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