December 11, 2009

Pizza Papalis in Greektown

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One time last summer, we were riding the infamous Detroit People Mover and a fellow rider recommended that pizza at Pizza Papalis. "Papalis" is a hard name to remember and the name on the building isn't clear, so we didn't get the pizza in August. But, we remembered the recommendation and have since been back to Pizza Papalis a couple times on our Detroit visits.

The Greek Salad is phenomenal and the Chicago–style pizza is out of this world. Some patrons may call it "to die for," but I don't know if I would go that far. It's excellent pizza, though. If you're in Detroit for a concert or ball game, consider visiting Greektown, maybe checking out the casino there, and having an authentic dining experience.

You can go next door to Astoria and get yourself a baked good. Wow, you wouldn't expect such a fancy bakery in the middle of Greektown, but it's an interesting place to visit. (And not fattening at all ...)

Authentic Michigan. Catch the action.

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