October 31, 2009

CM Dukes it Out in Essexville Hampton

Central Montcalm went on the road all the way to Essexville to play the Garber Dukes. When they arrived, the hosts said, "We're hear to 'put up our Dukes.'" And the Hornets responded by taking it to the Dukes.

The Dukes, favored to win in their home, played the Hornets tough, but the tougher team prevailed. Battling lousy weather, lots of wind and rain for the first half of the game, Central Montcalm battled hard and won with barely a minute left in the game. Great win by the Hornets, who will travel to Saginaw Swan Valley next week for a second–round game.

The official's signal says it all: Central Montcalm has taken the lead with barely one minute left in the game. It could be the play of the year. Great job, Hornets!

The battered and dirty helmet of one of the Hornets.

Ready to go.

Nice attempt, just a little short.

Come on, guys, let's get this one.

Shaking hands. Essexville thought they had this one.

After the game. Emotion.

Brothers. Hornet past. Hornet now. Always a Hornet.


Even the assistant principal and principal got into the action. Great win by the Hornets.

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