November 06, 2009

The Touchdown Club

The Touchdown
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Central Montcalm travels to Saginaw Swan Valley tonight for a second–round playoff game. Last Friday, the Hornets knocked off the top–seeded Essexville Garber Dukes on their home field. Maybe they can do it again tonight.

The weather should be better, if not colder. What's worse as a fan: the rain and wind or the cold?

League opponents Big Rapids and Morley, two of the teams that beat the Hornets during the regular season (the team was 2–3 at one point) are also in second–round contests. It's even possible that the Hornets could end up playing the Big Rapids Cardinals next week. We'll see what happens.

It's Friday. It's football time. Go Hornets.

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brad said...

Go hornets yea yea yea. It is sad though. The volleyball team also won their first round playoff game and nothing at all was said at school. Other than the comment "don't expect much out of the volleyball team". Hmmm wonder who could have said that. Not an employee. Not where hornet pride rules. On the cusp of greatness the cusp