October 30, 2009

All Hallow's Eve (Halloween, or whatever you call it)

Halloween ... never one of my favorite "holidays."

My sister Amy made a much cuter Snoopy than I did ...

As a kid, I was Snoopy, Smokey the Bear, Darth Vader ... Everyone liked going house to house and getting candy. Keep in mind, this was the late '70s and the "fear of God" was put in every kid on TV and at school: be careful who you accept candy from and — MAKE SURE THERE'S NO RAZOR BLADES IN YOUR CANDY. Don't forget: never eat fruit anyone gives you. Did I mention this was Oakland County?

I remember one person's house being quite scary and the person providing the "treats" doing something freakish. I turned and ran. I might have run home and had my parents come and get me; I'm not sure. I remember the person bringing down a Hershey's bar the next day, but Halloween was never fun for me.

Class parties: dip (I mean "bob") your head into the water after Suzie dipped hers — just to get an apple. I think NOT. Back then refusing to "bob for apples" might have been considered weird; now, you can't do it or you'll spread the super–flu.

It just seemed like a waste of time to walk around and get candy — most of which was lousy, anyway. Plus, you couldn't eat the popcorn balls (like I would have, anyway; I didn't know who made them) or bananas (yea, I'd get one from the kitchen; hello!), and especially not the apples.

It seemed easier to run to K–Mart (or even Kresge's) and buy candy, but everyone else seemed to enjoy this activity. And, back then, I hadn't learned how to say "no." In fact, I don't think five year–olds can actually say "No" to something like Halloween. That would be like saying "No" to Christmas or Easter.

Never a big fan of Halloween, I never would have said "No" to Thanksgiving. Lots of turkey, homemade noodles, cranberries ... I still look forward to a big feast and ignoring the Lions all afternoon. Back then, I never quite understood while all the older guys (dads, uncles, Grandpa) would sleep in the afternoon ... (Duh!)

Happy Hauntings!


Carl and Sally said...

Yes, you wanted to go home after being scared to death and we tried to get you to go back out but you weren't buying it! You just wanted to stay in your little house!

You loved to dress up everyday not just Halloween! But any outfit you had on was a classic! Should I list your outfits?

Have Happy Halloween and enjoy, take lots of pictures tomorrow!

We are staying home with all the little goblins!

Amy said...

Ha Ha! I remember Mom saying that you have to be careful for the razor blades in the candy! Good times brother! Good times! I miss you!