June 30, 2009

Technologically Speaking and the 21st Century Learning Mythology

It's important to remind people that 21st Century Learning (a cool buzzword these days) is not about TECHNOLOGY in itself but about TECHNOLOGY as a TOOL. Many people you talk with and listen to indicate that 21st Century Learning is about computers, computers, and more computers.

What are the skills necessary for 21st Century Learning? Note, please, that I said "learning," not teaching. One thing we must embrace is that education today is no longer about teaching kids, it's about kids learning.

The Framework for 21st Century Skills
• Core subjects
• 21st Century Content
• Learning and Thinking Skills
• Information and Communication Literacy
• Life Skills
• 21st Century Assessments

Much of the framework is already in place in our education system. We have core subjects that are important and a part of our curricula; we have learning and thinking skills embedded in our curriculum framework, though they are sometimes ignored; we teach life skills.

What are the 21st Century Content pieces referenced:

  • Global awareness
  • Financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial literacy
  • Civic literacy
  • Health and wellness awareness
What about the 21st Century assessments? That is more focused on authentic learning and literacy. I would like to share more of this information in the coming days. Many sites are available with 21st Century Learning and similar topics; it's important to remember, though, that technology is only a tool and a part of the process.

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