April 03, 2007

An Opening Day Special

Ken and I arrived in Detroit at 9:30 a.m. The line to get the few hundred tickets that "might" be released was all the way around one section of Comerica Park. Forget that! There were not a lot of people scalping tickets either. More than one person said to me, "Wow! It was harder to get tickets to Opening Day than to a World Series game ..."

Well, we spent much of the day trying to get into the park, some of it at the State Theater Opening Day Celebration, and a bit of it checking out the local establishments, hoping to possibly end up with a ticket.

We had given up hope in the fifth inning and were in line to return to the State Theater. I said to Ken and Gary, "I can't believe I didn't end up with a ticket. I always end up with a ticket. It's just not right." Some dude said, "Hey, you want my ticket, I'm not gonna go."

I said, "Sure. Are you serious? It must be used."

He said, "Nope, I'm just not gonna go."

I think I turned 12 right then and there, remembered my manners and said, "Wow! Thanks, mister," and ran to the park. The usher wouldn't believe I hadn't been into the game yet, but gave me the orange rally towel anyway.

So, to the guy who had Section 337, Row 15, seat 16 on Opening Day, "THANKS!"


Anonymous said...

What about Ken and Gary?

Tuna Can said...

Poor Ken and Gary had to wait outside the stadium "to fend for themselves" as Rick put it. No money, no shoes, no food and only a Tigers banner from 2003 to wave.