April 04, 2007

The Mysterious Rendezvous of Ken and Gary

Opening Day '07
Originally uploaded by Rick Rock Radio.
Yes, it's true that Rick took the ticket and ran.

What did Ken (Tuna Can) and Gary (Pil) do? They went back to the State Theater right across from Comerica Park and enjoyed the festivities there.

In the photo above, Ken is enjoying a phone call (we don't know with whom) and Gary just smiled for the camera ... They had a great time at the State Theater and didn't get nearly the amount of sun that Rick did in the 70 degree Opening Day Sun.

Now, fast forward to today ... Rick, Lori, Courtney and Amber went down to Comerica for a little fun in the COLD! Whoa! 39 degrees in the bottom of the fifth inning was cold enough to warrant a quick exit. Besides, the Tigers were up 9-0 at the time and things were looking really good.

Final: 10-9. Yeah, the Detroit Nine hung on to win, but barely.

So, for the first two games, Rick's attendance record is spotty: arrival at his seat in game 1-6th inning; departure in game 2-6th inning. Somewhere along the line, he saw a complete game. And, somewhat a victory. Hopefully, the first of many to come in 2007.

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