April 02, 2007


Well, it's the day we've waiting nearly six months for, through the cold and snowy winter. It's like no other day in Detroit. Opening Day at Comerica Park. I never thought I would look forward to going to Comerica Park. But that changed last summer when the stadium gained some of its own tradition. Maybe it wasn't Comerica that I didn't like ... maybe it was the Tigers. Don't get me wrong, I have always loved the Tigers, and died with them through their worst era. But, the product, there was something wrong with it. It's a new era and the best manager in baseball is running the show. A year ago -- one year ago -- people doubted Jim Leyland. No one doubts him anymore.

Ken "Tuna" Kreiner and I are heading down for another Opening Day. We'll probably journey past the Tigers former home at the Corner, but maybe we'll skip that this year. It's a new era in Tiger baseball. The team has garnered some respect. Renown sports writers are picking the Tigers to win it all. That would be quite a feat. I hope they can do it. They're good. Possibly great.

Let's go Tigers! Eat 'em up!

(The last regular season win I saw was when the Tigers beat the Blue Jays. My dad, uncle, Ken, and I went down last September 26. We'll probably go down on Sunday, September 23, this year. It's another new tradition. A celebration of all things Tiger and all the Tiger fans from many, many years. The Tigers host the Jays again today, and the bulldog is on the mound.)

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