January 20, 2007

Superbowl Comments

Did you know ... if the Bears and Colts meet in Superbowl XLI in Miami, it will be the first time two African American head coaches faced each other in the sport's biggest spotlight. Lovie Smith coaches Da Bears and Tony Dungy coaches the Colts.

Speaking of Dungy, remember how he was fired in Tampa and replaced by the savior Jon Gruden. Gruden has pretty much destroyed the Tampa Bay Bucs, while Dungy has been in the Conference Finals with the Colts almost every year. Too bad they're in the same conference as the New England Patriots. What an organization! An excellent book to read on leadership, management, and moving things forward is Patriot Reign.

Oh, and I guess my Superbowl prediction is New England 35, New Orleans 10. It's the New Superbowl! Anyone know how many times the annual NFL championship game has been held in Miami?


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