January 20, 2007

Let's have some Spirit!

From Brian O'Connor's Detroit News Column:

As reported earlier in The News this week, (Spirit Airlines) is cutting the baggage allowance passengers can have from two checked bags to one. After that, it's $10 each way for a second bag. If you need a third, that's $100 -- each way.

This comes on top of the airline recently offering fares for as little as a penny. But while my better half may be outraged, I'm not surprised. It's just one more transaction that has been turned into an ongoing game of "Gotcha!" that aims to bait consumers with low prices, than whack them with outrageous fees.

This is, in fact, all true: "For flights departing February 10, 2007 and beyond, for each ticketed passenger, Spirit Airlines will transport one (1) bag as checked baggage free of charge and a second bag for $10. Additional bags will be allowed and charged according to the excess bag fee schedule."*

So, if you're flying Spirit and got a great deal on the ticket amount, don't forget all the fees and the new, hidden baggage trick!

*Taken from Spiritair.com.

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