January 20, 2007

Where you at Rock, where you at?

Taken from Extreme Kid Rock:

"We've heard from a reliable source that Kid Rock's new studio album, scheduled for March, will have 13 brand new songs on it. This would make it Kid Rock's shortest major studio album, his last self-titled album contained 15 new songs. Keep checking Extreme Kid Rock for all the latest news on the new album!"

Rick's take on the rumor: Hopefully, it's true. It's been since November 2003 since Kid Rock & the Twisted Brown Trucker band put out an album of new material. Sure, Live Trucker came out last February and was cool, but a new disc with 13 new cuts! How cool. Apparently, he has recorded a cool cut with Sheryl Crow called "Country Music Has Lost Its Soul." Sounds like something those outlaw country guys from the 70s might be thinking these days. A cover of the old song "Time Off For Bad Behavior" would be an excellent hidden track!

We're also holding out hope that he's still going to put out the live DVD from last spring. To see some of the great fans at the shows that were recorded, go to Kid Rock's Web site and check out the gallery for last May 12.

Tune in to Rick's Writing Again for more information about the upcoming Kid Rock disc ... Not to mention the supporting tour! Maybe we'll all have to be RockHeads this summer and follow the band ...

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