December 14, 2006

The Tigers Have Tradition

Wow! It's amazing what LOSING the World Series will do for an organization.

All season -- YES, ALL SEASON -- every sports publication (blog, magazine, sports show, etc.) kept predicting that the Tigers would eventually fade away and fall short of making the playoffs. The only people who stuck by the Tigers (besides Jimmy Leyland's Boys ... and even they were questionable at times!) were Dayn Perry and Ken Rosenthal (sometimes.)

Now, The Sporting News, for the second time in just a few weeks, predicts that the Tigers will win the 2007 World Series because the team's roster is so set and they acquired Gary Sheffield and re-signed Sean Casey. There are no parentheses, but that pitching is good. Really good.

Did you hear that Joel Zumaya's problems were caused by a video game called "Guitar Hero"?

Also, from the same issue mentioned above, Mike Berardino says: " Tigers manager Jim Leyland already has asked team president Dave Dombrowski if rookie LHP Andrew Miller can make the big club out of spring training. Dombrowski, a master at gauging the right time to promote a pitching phenom, smiled and said only if Miller, the No. 5 overall pick in the 2006 draft, is in the Tigers' rotation. Otherwise, Miller will return to the minors, though he could be in Detroit for good by July. . . ."

The winter is beginning to heat up with the proverbial Hot Stove League. I still think the Tigers will swing a major deal and make a serious run next season. Isn't it hard to believe that in 2003 ... never mind. The Tigers have more players on their current team from 2003 than the 2004 World Champion Red Sox had last season. Amazing!

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