November 11, 2006

Watch out for "Sheff" hats

Yeah, I remember making fun of the fans wearing their "Sheff" (Chef) Hats at the Yankees games during the playoffs. Well, I won't be making fun of them anymore because Gary Sheffield is a Tiger. The guy has a crazy presence when he bats, shaking his bat violently, menacing glare toward the pitcher. He strikes fear in pitchers and managers, even if he is going to be 38 soon.

This reminds me of acquiring Rasheed Wallace (Pistons) who needed that piece to their puzzle. Or brining on board Brendan Shannahan (Red Wings) to finalize the roster. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the Tigers roster is complete. What if they could somehow work out a three- or four- team deal to send some pitching to the (Yikes! Central Division rival) Indians to get Travis Hafner into the white uniform with the Old English D? I still think Barry Bonds would be a great fit for the Tigers.

Ironically, Barry Bonds could never get the ring while playing for Leyland (or after he left the Pirates for San Fran., for that matter), but Sheffield was able to get the ring not too long after joining the Marlins. It was strange for Sheffield to go to the Marlins in the early 90s because he was just coming into his prime. I remember the 19 year old phenom coming up in the Brewers system (around the same time the Mets were brining up a similarly-aged youngster, Gregg Jeffereies) in 1987. He was going to be a superstar they said. Heck, he's even related to then-superstar Dwight "Doc" Gooden. Bonds could come on board and add another "presence" to the line-up.

Yeah, you might have to move Clutch Monroe, Brooks Robinson Inge, and perhaps a couple of other players, but the Tigers are making moves to get really good right now. That's authentic for a team THAT JUST WENT TO THE WORLD SERIES. It's cool ... the Tigers are built for NOW and for the FUTURE! Great management, solid players, good leadership ....

Let's do it again next October. Let's change the outcome, though. Let's roll, baby. Let's roll!

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