August 13, 2017

When Your Cup Is Empty …

Please, Pour Me a Refill

Poor service permeates our lives these days. It may be poor service at a restaurant or lousy customer service at a convenience store. I don't think the people I talk to on a regular basis are regular complainers, but it sure seems there are a lot of people talking lousy service.
Last week, we ate dinner at a place that highlights its great deal on a fair meal. The meal is decent, the atmosphere good, but the first thing the waitress says is, "It's going to be an hour before you will be served." I made mention that maybe she could have said that in a little more polished way. One of the folks we were dining with, though, said, "You never apologize for being busy." Touché.

We stayed because we enjoy getting together like this occasionally, or weekly. We don't mind the wait. We enjoy chatting and talking up the latest events in life. However, it is great when the waitress checks back in, keeps the table informed, or at least fills up beverages.

Do You Know Good Service When You See It?

I'm not an expert so I might not even be able to discuss customer service. I just hope that the service improves because I would be disappointed to see another restaurant fail. We know that the more times we experience bad service, the less likely we are to go back. Imagine that this wasn't a standing event in our lives, but the first time we stopped in. We likely wouldn't return. And we would tell others, and they would never go, either.

This all leads to another issue. Everyplace has a "help wanted" sign in its window. It's becoming difficult to find help, let alone good help. So, if someone shows up to work is that good enough? If you have someone to take care of business, is that good enough? Our conversation the other night led down this road? One of the diners I was with said, "At least leave a dollar tip because she showed up for work." A couple of others said, "No way." We tipped in the end.

Is showing up good to work enough, or is it a start?

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