December 02, 2016

Baseball's Season and a Solution

The Baseball Folks Got It Done

It's good that the baseball folks on both labor and management sides were able to strike a deal before the deadline on December 1. I thought that it would happen simply because both sides are making so much money it's not funny. 

I still think some changes need to happen. I realize that the season is going to start in the middle of the week beginning in 2018 so the players can have five more off days. I think moving the opening of the season up is not the best idea UNLESS teams are going to start in domes and warm weather cities. That would mean the Detroit Tigers and Chicago Cubs, et. al., would never have a true Opening Day.

If I were part of the solution, I would go with opening the season about a week later and ending it at least a week earlier, if not more. In June, July, and August, each team would play a double header every week–end whether it was on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Teams would have 12 week–ends essentially during those months, so one double header each week–end would take 12 dates off of the schedule. Certainly, you could charge for both games or your could have a premium cost for the double header. There have to be enough old school fans left who would love a double header with a 20–minute break between games.

Baseball should end its regular season before September arrives — and the post season before November arrives. A month to complete the playoffs seems reasonable enough. Baseball isn't the kind of sport where a team would appreciate a bye that is any longer than one game. A "bye series" would get the team out of rhythm and in baseball, rhythm matters.

It seems like this would be a way to create excitement once again (not that the game isn't already exciting!)

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